Our group seek talented postdoctoral fellows to join us. Welcome undergraduate and master students to apply for master/PhD program. Specific position information is as follows:

Postdoctoral Recruitment

1. Applicant qualifications:

1) Applicant should be optimistic, motivated, have a solid scientific foundation, a strong spirit of team, and have a desire for long-term development in the field of biomedical engineering;

2) Has or will obtain a PhD degree in biomedical engineering, chemistry, materials science, biology, medicine, bioinformatics, mechanical engineering, microelectronics or other related fields;

3) The applicant should be able to carry out scientific research independently and have published research papers in high-level academic journals;

4) Good English reading and writing skills in science and technology;

5) Applicants with the following research background will be preferred:

a. Material synthesis, including inorganic materials, nanomaterials, organic molecules, fluorescent molecules;

b. Genomic science and related technologies, including sample processing, gene sequencing, and gene editing;

c. Biomarker detection techniques, Fluorescence detection and imaging, Biochemical sensors, Electrochemical detection;

d.Cell culture, Tissue culture, animal experiments;

e. Synthetic biology, Enzyme engineering;

f. Bioinformatics.

2. Wage and benefits:

Postdoctoral fellows have an annual salary of about 350,000 rmb, including a subsidy of 150,000 rmb from Guangdong Province and a living allowance of 60,000 rmb from Shenzhen government. Candidates also enjoy social insurance and housing accumulation fund in accordance with the relevant regulations of Shenzhen, and also enjoy welfare benefits such as holiday expenses, meal subsidies, family planning rewards, high temperature subsidies, and free physical examinations. Outstanding candidates can be selected for the Principal's Excellence Award Program, with an annual salary of up to 415,000 rmb (including subsidies from Guangdong Province and Shenzhen). The university provides each post-doctor with 25,000 yuan of academic exchange funding.

The group provides sufficient scientific research resources to assist postdocs to apply grants from the Chinese Postdoctoral Science Foundation, the National Natural Science Foundation, and the scientific research projects of Guangdong Province and Shenzhen Province.

For postdocs who meet the requirements of the latest "Rental and Living Subsidy for Newly Introduced Talents in Shenzhen", they can apply for a one-time rental and living subsidy of 30,000 rmb (tax free) after settling in Shenzhen.

Postdocs who choose to stay in Shenzhen for scientific research and have signed labor (employment) contracts with the city's enterprises and institutions for more than 3 years are qualified for additional scientific research funding. Shenzhen Municipal Government will grant each postdoc 100,000 rmb per year for a total of 3 years.

Outstanding Postdocs will be actively recommended and assisted to apply for positions such as Research Assistant Professor at SUSTech.

3. Application process:

Please send application materials directly to zhangb3 at sustech.edu.cn with the subject line "Name - School/Workplace - Position applied for". Application materials include:

1) Cover Letter;

2) Resume;

3) Representative papers (no more than 3) and other materials that demonstrate the applicant's achievements and abilities;

4) Names and contact information of three referees.

Application materials will be kept strictly confidential. Interview will be arranged as soon as possible.